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  • Sami Yusuf
  • David Bowie
  • Sarah Brightman



Late 2014 saw the release of Fairwood writer Sami Yusuf's much anticipated new album 'The Centre'. Having sold over 22 million albums to date and hailed as 'Islam's biggest rock star' by Time Magazine, 'The Centre' resonates with Sami's lyrics of peace and spreads the unique 'spiritique' sound he has become known for to his fans worldwide.




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Following on from his astounding and unannounced return to the spotlight in early 2013 with the release his 24th and critically acclaimed album 'The Next Day', David Bowie has remained firmly in the limelight with his definitive compilation album 'Nothing Has Changed' now available featuring all his classics along with previously unheard songs right up to his latest material including 'Sue (Or In A Season of Crime)'.


'Sue (Or In A Season of Crime)' Video




Sarah Brightman's 11th studio album 'Dreamchaser' received understandable praise upon its release. The album moves into a new direction for Sarah and centres on the concept of space, mirroring the English songwriter's long held love for the Universe. The album launch has been followed by a successful global 'Dreamchaser' tour covering all major cities and playing to packed audiences.















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